Fixing Home
Wi-Fi using AI

Detect home network issues with AI-powered Lifemote cloud analytics. Proactively solve problems before your customers complain.

Get a snapshot of your subscribers Wi-Fi Quality of Experience in a month with our instant field trial. No software update required — the trial can start next week. Deploy in your installed base and begin proactive maintanence of subscribers home wifi right away.


Lifemote CPE agent collects home network performance parameters to the cloud.


Cloud based data analytics and machine learning algorithms detect problems and learn the best solutions.


The AI fixes most problems, and provides resolution suggestions to the support center for the rest.

Why Lifemote

Fast Launch

Allows launching a lab demo within a week;
and field trial within a month.

No Vendor Lock-in

Works with any CPE vendor, a key enabler is
given most ISPs preference for multi-vendor deployments.

AI Driven

Advanced data analytics and
AI to improve the performance.

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See a snapshot of your subscribers’
WiFi QoE in one month with our trial.

Start proactive maintenance of home
WiFi right away.

Reduce customer connectivity
complaints by over 10% in the first year.

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Lifemote’s Proactive Upsell tools.

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