Meet The Team

Only a connected team can lead to happy customers. So, here is the best blend of technical and professional talents that builds the success in Lifemote.

Eren Soyak
Co-founder and CEO

16 year veteran in video and wireless. PhD in wireless video, Northwestern U. 6 US patents in WiFi, deployed in millions of products.

Barış Uyar
Co-founder and CPO

17 year veteran in telecommunications. Shipped tens of products to telcos worldwide.

Engin Doğusoy
Head of Engineering

MS in Software, Carnegie Mellon U. Passionate builder of high performance, scalable cloud systems. Bay Area veteran, ex-Fleksy, ex-SAP.

Aynur Yılgör
Operations Specialist

Keeps everything and everyone running.

Onur Akyayla
Director of Customer Success

15 year telecoms veteran. Past lives as ISP network engineer, CPE FAE and product manager, system integrator. The ultimate user advocate.

Aysun Önalan
Research Engineer

PhD candidate in wireless at Koc U. Ex-Fraunhofer.

Fırat Soysal
Software Developer

Learning the ropes.

M.Hakan Kurtoğlu
Research Engineer

Tinkerer, quantifier, learner, teacher.

Sinan Akpolat
Software Developer

12 year veteran in software for IT and telecoms. Passionate generalist in software low and high.

Cihan Bolaban
Product Manager

Generally curious and driven to detail.

Ozan Bulut
Software Developer

Mustafa Efendioğlu
Software Developer

Driven to know how and why things work, solid as a rock.

Ali Torğutalp
Software Developer

Passionate about building user-centric applications that work beautifully.

Melih Değiş
Software Developer

Software knight on a mission to bring order to chaos. He speaks for the code.

Emre Onay
Software Developer

Up and coming.

Ulaş Can Ergüney
Sales Executive

Nevzat Günay
Software Developer

Backend Engineer

Do you enjoy writing elegant, reusable code? Are you fond of code linting, sanitizing and test first development? Are you looking to join a small agile team? We are looking for a senior backend engineer to join our team and help us build solid products.

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